LED Ceiling Light of Some parameters and features
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LED Ceiling Light Smallpox is based on disk LED lighting and decoration use a series of product development.It is through the precise CNC lathe produce exquisite aluminum oxide white is applied to lamps and lanterns, household, commercial lighting ideal light,There are certain instead of traditional lighting function, But color series of indoor and outdoor corridor is the ideal LED lamp.

     Let's take a look LED Ceiling Light of Some parameters and features.

     Adopts the special craft and technology of LED lights, light (about 100 - with brightness higher 120LM).Because of its heat conductivity, good effect, make LED light attenuation less, service life is longer, safety performance is higher, environmental protection and energy saving.

     Applicable environment: apply - 15-45 degrees Celsius different places are decorated and lighting.
   Voltage applied: suitable for AC / 12V / 24V / 110V /220V 
   Optical attenuation characteristics: continuous use of800 hours

     LED drive mode: constant-current driver,
     LED by the United States, adopts chip packages of TaiwanLED
     Responding to beam Angle: 25 °„, 45 °„, 60 °„,
     Material: aluminum enclosures, cooling  
     Adopts advantages: low power consumption, long life, easy installation, chic modelling elegance, dustproof, leakage  
     USES: widely used in responding to stores, hotels, conference, exhibition halls, advertising lighting etc lighting.